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The owners of O6 STORE contacted us with the goal of boosting their brand and their sales points in Latin America.

O6 STORE is a store chain focused on offering high quality and technology for use in an active and sports life, providing modern retail concepts that make the shopping experience a gratifying one for its clients.

At the moment of undertaking the project, O6 STORE was present in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, with more than 25 sales points open to the public in the main malls of those countries, and needed to boost its corporate image in order to align it with the expansion plans.


Beginning with the diagnosis of its logo “O6 STORE”, the new brand OSIX SPORTECH was designed, aligned with its attributes and values, resulting in a more dynamic, irreverent, sporty and technological brand.  This new image meant the starting point for the applications of the façade, showcases and interior spaces, with high impact visuals.

Indoors, the Commercial Strategy of the store was designed, defining the role of the category for each department, as it were: Destination, Route, Convenience, Season, Impulse.

Together with the Commercial Strategy was designed the Visual Merchandising for showing in a more efficient manner, the products in the sales area, thus increasing the traffic flow of the clients, obtaining a higher yield per square meter.

This project allowed us to boost the design of a brand that, due to its sports characteristics, resulted in a more dynamic, chromatic, challenging store, a place that invites the client to saunter through it, for its diversity of innovative products.

Details of the Project

  • Project Branding
  • Redesign of the Logo and Applications
  • Positioning
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Brand Manual for Franchise