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Zoom International Courier contacts us to standardize the image of its stores throughout the country towards the concept of Multiservice.  The Image & Retail team travels to key areas of the store network in order to interview its team and carry out a diagnosis of the situation.


In order to develop the ZOOM stores it was necessary to renovate the commercial layout and adopt new retail strategies for the provision of services at the sale points.

Likewise, the opportunity for upgrading the brand was detected in order to make it more competitive, in consonance with the design and marketing orientation of the new stores.

A ZOOM service portfolio was organized, implementing Brand Architecture strategies, where the dominant brand is ZOOM, followed by its respective basic services:

  • ZOOM express delivery
  • ZOOM lockers
  • ZOOM money remittances
  • ZOOM payment of services
  • ZOOM service recharging
  • ZOOM non-banking corresponding relationship
  • ZOOM micro insurance

Multiservice ZOOM stores are the most important points for consolidating the slogan  “a thousand reasons, a single place”.  The efforts carried out are focused on upgrading,  reinforcing and consolidating the image of the ZOOM stores where the client has at his disposal a diversity of services that complement its already recognized leadership in the delivery of  parcels and remittances.

The respective documentation was delivered, consisting of the Architecture and Merchandising Manual, as well as the Brand Manual.

Simultaneously, we establish a synergy with the advertising agency SEA BBDO responsible for ZOOM communications in order to determine and unify guidelines of the brand that will later be applied in publicity campaigns of its three basic services: Zoom, Western Union, and Pago Fácil.

Details of the Project

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Communications
  • Signage
  • Merchandising System
  • Architecture and Merchandising Manual
  • Brand Manual