Architecture and Brands
Designing the experience of the client

Banks, stores, supermarkets, franchises, and successful offices prove our experience in Commercial Architecture, where our team of architects and designers have conceptualized and designed far-reaching and functional solutions for transforming spaces into businesses, perfectly aligned with the brands, in anticipation of offering the client a unique and special buying experience.

The design of the indoor architecture of a store is intimately related to the needs and reasons for which a consumer visits any commerce.  Initially understanding those motives and designing the commercial layout that responds to these needs constitutes the core for the interior design of any location for providing a logical consumer route throughout all the areas of the store, and offer comfortable and balanced spaces of exhibition in the furnishing, guaranteeing the availability of the products and the efficient restocking, according to the sales and the profitability of the categories.


Movistar – Authorized Metro Center

Movistar Venezuela asked us to design a store prototype in its Authorized Agents in Latin America, under the premise that it would comply with international standards, of corporate identity, optimize the clients’ experience through a design focused on the shopping experience, and that it would include advertising spaces that allow partial or total financing of the project.


Telefonica Movistar – Sambil Caracas

Telefonica Movistar contacts us for the conceptual development of the furnishings of Autoservicio Mi Movistar in the area of expertise of the client in Movistar Service Centers.


Duncan Batteries – Architecture and Merchandising

A Servicentro Duncan was designed, from its exterior sign, its indoor spaces, to the boosting of its sales-purchase processes, from the moment a person or a vehicle arrives to the Duncan Service, until it leaves.


Torre Los Ruices – Design of facade with art work

Real Estate Austral Group, together with the architect Carlos Agell, invited us to design the façade of Torre Los Ruices, where we suggested a kinetic piece by Rodrigo Machado that would integrate with the design of the building


Torre Ancon – Corporate Office Design

Torre Ancon, belonging to Colliers International Group, represents an architecture landmark of Costa del Este, in the city of Panama. Since the Ancon insurance group is familiar with our work in the area of architecture, they gave us the project of Architecture and Detail Engineering of their offices


Illuminitec – Design of architectural spaces

Ilumitec, a company dedicated to the distribution, sale and service of articles related to illumination, contacted us from Panama, for the design of what will be their new store at Albrook Mall.