Our Processes

Image & Retail Solutions has developed a work process of established success, created taking into consideration the specific needs and realities of each company, brand or product.  This permits us to guarantee the reach and efficiency of the goals set out, in precise time lapses.

“One Stop Shop”,

A process where we integrate all our services for your brands

Image and Retail Solutions provide integrated services, a “one stop shop” for the design of all the contact points of the brand, ensuring its position and recognition. The brand architecture design, strategic communications and key messages. Logo design and applications, stationery and signage. Category management, commercial layout, space planning, interior architecture and visual merchandising based on the shopper experience. Packaging design and web pages. Just as the design of other services in the development of the process we identified that the client requires to improve your brand, products or services.


Market Analysis

We gather the necessary information in order to obtain an all-inclusive understanding of the indoor environment of the company, from a strategic, operational, administrative and marketing perspective.

  • Study of consumers
  • Research of the industry
  • Organizational Audit
  • Visual Audit of Brands
  • Communicational Audit of Brands
  • Audit of Competitors’ Brands
  • Analysis and Annual Report
 Strategy and Planning

We study the existing goals, strategies and plans of the company, gather specific information on strategies, image of the services, the offer of products to be promoted, and any other issue, strong or weak of the brand.

  • Brand strategy
  • Strategy for Positioning the Brand
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Communication strategies

Based on Strategic Planning of the brand and aligning the vision, culture and image of the company, the designers and brand consultants create the options for the concept.  Once the concept has been evaluated and selected, the applications are designed in order to establish the concept with the consumer. At Image & Retail Solutions we develop prototypes starting from the concept.  During the first phases of the design, we develop a prototype to validate the concept and take the idea to the next level.

  • Corporate Identity Programs
  • Merchandising Systems
  • Retail Banking
  • Annual Reports
  • Direct Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Web and Multimedia
  • Names and Brands
  • Architecture, Interior design and furnishings
  • Brand Engagement or Cultural Alignment of the Brand
Production and Implementation

We proceed to produce all the elements and pieces that make up the project, as well as its installment at the sales point, in case the client so requires it.

  • Production of Equipment and Furnishings
  • Production of Graphic Systems
  • Installment of Lighting Equipment
  • Implementation of the Architectural Design
  • Users Training
Strategic Documentation

We develop in its totality and detail, all the concepts.  We produce an extensive set of documents referring to the Development of the Project, which will communicate the intention, spirit and implementation of each element, for it later production.  Presented in manuals.

  • Standard Graphic for Brands Manual
  • Retail Banking and Architecture Manual
  • Merchandising and Signage Manuals
  • External Identification Manual
  • Products and Services Manuals
  • Packaging Manuals
  • Constructive Detail Engineering
Evaluation of Results

Image & Retail Solutions evaluates the optimal fulfillment of the goals set out after the project has obtained a reasonable history of operability.  This allows us to guarantee successful results in each one of the projects, which are backed by the solid relationship that we maintain with our clients.