One Stop Shop

A process in which we integrate
all the services for your brands

We are a group of architects, social communicators, content generators, graphic and industrial designers, web designers, community managers and project managers, focused on creating or adding value to the experience of our clients’ brands.

An integrated approach, or “ones stop shop” for designing all the brands’ contact points, securing its positioning and consolidation: from its organizational communications, logo design or redesign and applications, interior architecture and shops furnishings, categories management, visual merchandising and signage, packaging, web pages, and every service that in the development process we consider the client requires in order to highlight his product, brand or service.

Our Processes

We’ve developed a work process with proven success in which we take into account the needs and specific realities of each company, brand or product, both in the traditional and in the digital markets.  This allows us to insure the scope and efficacy of the objectives outlined, within a precise time frame.

Market Research

We gather the necessary information needed for a comprehensive understanding of the internal environment of the company, from a strategic, operational, administrative, perspective as well as from a traditional and digital market viewpoint.

  • Consumers research
  • Industry research
  • Organizational Audit
  • Visual Brands Audit
  • Brand Communicational Audit
  • Audit of Competitor Brands
  • Report and Accounts Analysis
  • Circulation and Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Environmental Requirements and Store Areas
  • Definition of Buyer Persons
  • Definition of Buyer Journey
  • Definition of Smart Objectives
  • Definition of Conversion Flowchart
  • Selection and KPI definition or Performance Indicators
  • Evaluation of Usability and User Experience (UX)
  • SEO
Strategy and Planning

We study the company’s existing objectives, strategies and plans; gather specific information on strategies, service image, product offers to be promoted, and any other, strong or weak aspect of the brand.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Communication Strategies

Based on Strategic Planning of the brand, alignment of the vision, culture, image of the company, the designers and brand consultants propose options.

  • Branding & Naming
  • Retail Branding
  • Retail Banking
  • Furnishing Design
  • Merchandising System
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Digital Marketing and Social Networks
  • Brand Engagement or Cultural Brand Alignment
Production and implementation

We proceed to the production of all the elements and pieces that make up the project, as well as its installation at the sales point or e-commerce, if the client would so require.

  • Production of Exhibition Furnishings
  • Production of Graphics Systems
  • Installation of Lighting Equipment
  • Implementing Architecture Design
  • Users training
  • Online Shopify Platform
Strategic Documentation

We develop all concepts comprehensively in detail and create an extensive set of documents regarding the Development of the Project which will communicate via the following manuals, the intent, spirit and implementation of each element, and its eventual production, presented via manuals.

  • Standard Graphics of Brands Manual
  • Retail Banking and Architecture Manual
  • Merchandising and Signage Manual
  • Exterior Identification Manual
  • Products and Services Manual
  • Packaging Manual
  • Construction Detail Engineering
Evaluation and Results

Image & Retail solutions evaluates the optimal accomplishment of the goals set after the project obtains a reasonable history of operability.  This allows us to warrant successful results in each of your projects that will be evaluated via the solid relationship we maintain with our clients.