We define Merchandising as a system of communications and fittings that offers unique advantages, as it has a graphic, coherent focalized program, adequately flexible to adapt to a large variety of commercial premises; thus, more efficiency is obtained in the penetration, positioning and sales drive of its products in the market.


Farmaplaza – Merchandising for stores

FARMAPLAZA, a small network of four drugstores located in the Andean region of Venezuela, in the states of Trujillo and Mérida, presented the issue that to continue its growth, it required a renovation of its brand, aligned with its new vision of the business, since its image and brand colors were at the time associated to another drugstore network


Duncan Batteries – Architecture and Merchandising

A Servicentro Duncan was designed, from its exterior sign, its indoor spaces, to the boosting of its sales-purchase processes, from the moment a person or a vehicle arrives to the Duncan Service, until it leaves.


Central Madeirense – Merchandising for supermarkets

CPI (Consultants of Integral Projects) Architecture and Civil Engineering Firm, responsible for the architectural design and construction of Hipermercado Central Madeirense Guatire, contacted us for the development of the signage of this Hiper. A multidisciplinary team from I&RS (Brand Manager, Architect, Creative Manager, Creative Copywriter, and Art Director) joins the project under the guidelines of the Marketing Management of Central Madeirense


LG Electronics – Innovation in Merchandising

LG Electronics, world leader in domestic air conditioning, requested that I&RS join the project of the Academy, with the design and development of this professional teaching center for its personnel in Venezuela


Excelsior Gama – Merchandising in Super

Gama supermarkets resizes its management vision and focuses its business towards the creation of a new concept for its premises: more technological, but maintaining human contact, more dynamic, consistent with the third millennium consumer. For that reason they request our consultancy for the design of their new supermarket, created, built and developed in their image and likeness, with the expertise built up during 35 years.