Excelsior Gama


How to integrate new business units
on the sales floor
in order to make its use more profitable,
widening the access to new products
and services on the part of the consumer

Excelsior Gama


Gama Supermarkets resized it managerial and business vision including new business units on its sales floor: Farma Gama, Gama Gourmet, Fruit Shop…diversifying its offer of products and services, and increasing the profitability of its spaces.

A new concept of its venues: more technological but keeping the human touch, more dynamic in accordance with the third millennium consumer. This is the reason they came to us for the design of their new supermarkets, created, built and developed under corporate guidelines, in order to take full advantage of its distinctive elements and increase its sales.

It was decided to align the Strategic Branding and Merchandising in order to boost each one of the areas.

Image & Retail Solutions carried out an information and diagnostics analysis of the current situation of the supermarkets, as well as a breakdown of the Excelsior Gama Brand Manual with the intent of identifying the strengths and opportunities of the Architectural Project. Our conceptual development defined a new standard for the exterior identification, basing our suggestions for enhancing the environment with a graphic style that would support the showcase areas and positioning, highlighting the deliciousness and freshness, as well as the human warmth of Excelsior Gama. The logos/emblems of the new services of Farma Gama, Bodegon de Arlindo and Gama Gourmet were created. All the information was documented for the new Automercados Excelsior Gama.

Project Details

  • Architectural Project
  • Development of Exterior Sign
  • Merchandising and Signage System
  • Logos/emblems for Farma Gama, Bodegon de Arlindo and Gama Gourmet
  • Brand Manual
  • Merchandising and Signage Manual

Gama Express


Excelsior Gama identified the market opportunity to install a Gama Express with a pharmacy at Avenida Vollmer, in San Bernardino, Caracas.

This new Gama Express duplicates the square meters of the prototype installed in Santa Eduvigis and will serve to develop the concept.

I&RS identified and analyzed the strengths and opportunities of the Gama Express Architectural Project. The conceptual development implied the analysis of the Gama Express identification as well as the guidelines of the existing manual.

I&RS proposed the creation of a visual ring that would produce the circulation of the consumer throughout the area of Pharmacy, Coffee Shop and Positioning.

This project finished with the drafting of the Manual and metric calculation, besides the production and supervision of the installation, during construction, for a period of 75 days.

I&RS was also chosen to carry out and supervise the production and installation of the merchandising and signage system during a period of 5 months.