Central Madeirense


How a prestigious Supermarket network
can become even more successful
by optimizing its image and increasing its sales


The Architecture and Civil Engineering Firm CPI (Consultores de Proyectos Integrales) responsible for the architectural design and construction of the Hipermarket Central Madeirense Guatire contacted us for the development and signage of this building. A multidisciplinary team from Image & Retail Solutions (Brand Manager, Architect, Creative Director, and Art Director) took part in the project under the guidelines of the Marketing Management of Central Madeirense.

Simultaneously another Architecture firm is developing another Central Madeirense Hipermercado project in Cagua, Aragua State.

Get together a multidisciplinary team to develop in a comprehensive manner a far-reaching project like this one.

The development of the Hipermarkets in Guatire and Cagua determined our first line of Branding action: to lead both projects – which at that time were being developed individually – towards the search of common points in architecture, commercial strategy, signage, selection of facade finishes, floor decorations, trailer furnishings, etc. conducive to a single, consistent and homogeneous corporate identity. For the Commercial Strategy design, it was necessary to segment the supermarkets according to their dimensions and commercial offer, in order to satisfy the needs of the consumer and encourage his intention to buy. Market Research with the consumers established the selection of the keywords for each format: Hiper, Super, Mini.

As a complement to the Brand Architecture, the main corporate color was selected, as well as a second color to identify each format; Merchandising and Signage elements were designed, integrated to the different architectural projects for specific areas, such as external notice; cash registers area; signage of hallways by categories; gondola heads and counters for meat, delicatessen; fish; fruit and vegetables; perfumes; bodegon, etc. The documentation for the Brand Manual was produced containing: Mission, Vision, Values, Attributes, Brand Architecture, Commercial Strategy, Architecture Brief, Corporate Identity, Identification on Facades, Merchandising, Signage and System for Exhibition of Prices.

The Signage and Merchandising projects were produced, as well as the final documentation of the CM prototype stores, Super La California, CM Mini Parque Humboldt, CM Hiper Cagua and Guatire.

Project Details

  • Brand Manual
  • Business Strategy
  • Segmentation of Supermarkets
  • Brand Architecture
  • Keyword and Color for the new formats
  • Signage and Merchandising Manuals
    Central Madeirense Hiper, Super and Mini

A comprehensive design and applications of the brand
is vital for offering a memorable shopping experience
to the consumers.