Centro 99


When the signage and the merchandising system
are aligned with the brand and the geographic area


I&RS decides to participate in one of the most important shows in the area of supermarkets in Bogota, Colombia; the proprietors of a big chain of supermarkets, Centro 99, well known in the State of Zulia, Venezuela were present at the show looking for information and innovative solutions to be applied in a new supermarket, and they decide to contact our team.

An I&RS team made up by Brand Manager, Architect, Art Director and Copywriter travel from Caracas, to Zulia State in order to (…) of the project which was already under way in the Ferre Mall Centro Comercial. I&RS creates, designs and develops an innovative Signage System which takes in the spirit of belonging and regionalism of Zulia, capturing it through visual elements on the walls of the supermarket. Likewise, the brand element and corporate colors serve as a basis for developing a unique, convenient, and functional supermarket, with an attractive image that catches the eye through an emotional experience.

Project Details

  • Design of Signage System
  • Brand Manual