Su Casa Supermarket

Trade Marketing

How to promote Trade Marketing
from your store or supermarket
with a successful Commercial Strategy?


Supermarket leader in the Valera region, State of Trujillo, Venezuela, which in view of the increase in competition, requests the renovation of its image and premises.  In addition, they required that I&RS develop a Business Strategy, destined to boost its Trade Marketing.

A team from I&RS went to Valera in order to prepare a diagnosis of the supermarket and conduct interviews with the managers.  The brand was re designed to make it more competitive and the Merchandising System of the Supermarket was also designed.

Addressing the goals of Trade Marketing, a Business Strategy was designed for exhibiting in a more efficient manner the products in the sales area, and increase the traffic flow, obtaining more profitability. 

Details of the Project

  • Updating the Logo
  • Design Merchandising elements
  • Corporate Identity Manual
  • Business Strategy
  • Trade Marketing