Central Madeirense

Trade Marketing

How to achieve
that a prestigious network of Supermarkets
be even more successful,
optimizing your image
and increasing your sales?


CPI (Consultants of Integral Projects) Architecture and Civil Engineering Firm, responsible for the architectural design and construction of Hipermercado Central Madeirense Guatire, contacted us for the development of the signage of this Hiper.  A multidisciplinary team from I&RS (Brand Manager, Architect, Creative Manager, Creative Copywriter, and Art Director) joins the project under the guidelines of the Marketing Management of Central Madeirense.

Simultaneously, a different Architecture firm is developing another project for Hipermercado Central Madeirense in the city of Cagua, Aragua State.

The development of the Hiper in Guatire and Cagua, determined our first line of action in Branding, to guide both projects, which at that moment were being developed individually, to the search of common points in architecture, commercial strategy, signage, selection of finishing for the façades, drawings of floors, color of furnishings, of the gondola, etc. conducive to a unique, consistent and homogenous corporate identity.  The design and the Commercial Strategy determined the segmentation of the supermarkets according to their dimensions and commercial offer for satisfying the needs of the consumer, and his intention to buy.  Market Research with consumers established the selection of the descriptors for each format: Hipe, Super, Mini.

Complementary to the Brand Architecture, the presentation of a the corporate color was chosen, as well as a second color to identify each format, and Merchandising and Signage elements were integrated to the different architecture projects for specific areas, as exterior sign, area of cash registers, signage of passageways by categories, gondola bolsters and showcases for: butchers’ shop, deli, fish shop, fruit and vegetables, perfumery, bodegón, etc.  The documentation for the Brand Manual is drafted consisting of: Mission, Vision, Values, Attributes, Brand Architecture, Commercial Strategy, Architecture Brief, Corporate Identity, Identification of Façades, Merchandising, Signage and System for Exhibition of Prices.

The Signage and Merchandising projects were made, and the final documentation for the CM Super La California, CM Mini Parque Humboldt, CM Hiper Cagua and Guatire prototypes was drafted.

Details of the Project

  • Brand Manual
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Segmentation of Supermarkets
  • Hipermercado
  • Supermercado
  • Minimercado
  • Brand Architecture
  • Descriptor and Color for the new formats
  • Signage and Merchandising Manuals
  • Central Madeirense Hiper, Super, Mini