Branding and Public Relations

How to boost a 60-year-old brand through our integral Branding service, from redesign of your brand to your Public Relations, making it better known to your internal and external public?


Stanzione S.A. initially makes contact with our specialized affiliate company in new technologies, Image &Web Solutions, with theintention of developing a new web page. At that moment Stanzione becomes familiarized with Image & Retail Solutions Branding Services, recognizes the importance of upgrading its brand and the competitive value of developing an Integral Branding process as well as of Public Relations, its achievements, objectives and projections as Stanzione reaches 60 years in the customs market in Venezuela.

Image & Retail Solutions launched its work methodology at the main headquarters of Stanzione S.A. in order to have a diagnosis, interview the board members and key employees at each area, and draw up a document containing all the necessary information in order to begin the project.

As of that moment began the development of the Organizational Communication which rendered important facts for upgrading the logo. With that basis was designed the positioning phrase or slogan with a methodology that calls on the participation of all the company’s employees. A Public Relations Plan was designed for the celebration of Stanzione’s 60 years, present throughout the country wherever there is a Stanzione office.

Project Details

  • Upgrading the logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Communications
  • Merchandising System
  • Web Page
  • Public Relations