Telefónica Mi Movistar


How to turn a phone services showcase store
Into a competitive self-service store


Telefonica Movistar needed the conceptual development of furnishings for Movistar Self-service, in the area of experience of Movistar Service Centers.

This Self-service Furnishings Project presented to us the following challenges:

  • Design of the area of experience, a modular exhibition furnishings of Mi Movistar Self-service andCall Center 811, to be installed at the Service Centers.
  • Document in blueprints and renders of the constructive details of the furnishings family.
  • Design the architecture concept, furnishings, detail engineering and computation in a Service Center-
  • Define distribution of spaces or layout of furnishings of Mi Movistar family on walls and islands.
  • Incorporate a communications system to the environment of the Self-service area, with an advertising circuit.
  • Make sure that the installation of the furnishings, displays and graphic design are sufficiently flexible to satisfy a variety of configurations and conditions of the local market.


An analysis of the present situation was carried out in the experience areas of the client. A flowchart was designed to determine the clients’ and Movistar’s actions regarding the client, in terms of approximation, orientation, interactions, comparison and purchase.

Based on the previous diagnostic, the furnishings were designed consisting of 2 elements (Walls and Islands), taking into consideration the criteria of modularity, flexibility, ergonomics and optimization of the materials.

The developed proposal achieved the desired goals:

  • Highlight Movistar Self-service and
  • Increase the number of self-service stations within the areas of experience of Movistar Service Centers.
  • Modular, flexible, furnishings were designed, easily adaptable to the different sized of the self-service areas, with space for equipment and devices: PC, portables, pads, or phones.
  • Monitors were incorporated to facilitate the instructions of use and communications of Mi Movistar and811 advantages, with the possibility of being also used as an advertising circuit.

Project Details

  • Architectural Project
  • Design of furnishings and constructive detail engineering.