MOVISTAR Agente Autorizado


How to upgrade the identity
of a network of Franchises
or Authorized Dealerships for Latin America


Authorized Movistar Agents require the design of a replicable prototype store under the premise that that it would comply with international standards of corporate identity, would boost the clients’ experience through a design focused on the purchase experience, and it would include advertising spaces that would allow for the partial or total funding of the project.

We incorporated to the sales points the characteristics of simplicity, visibility, navigability, engagement, differentiation and innovation, that would boost the purchase experience, and at the same time, encourage sales of Movistar Authorized Agents.

We carried out a photographic and planimetric study of the stores selected by Movistar Venezuela to serve as prototype in this project.

We designed applications of the logo/emblem and other graphic elements in facades and interior of the stores, respecting the global guidelines of the Movistar brand.

We created a minimalistic environment with dominance of white and light colors on the floor, ceiling and furnishings; decorative details in blue and green, presence of the “Movistar Color Wall” and applications of corporate elements such as: logo/emblem, cloud frame and photos that transmit feeling and create attachment.

We designed all the furnishings elements of the stores: exhibition, cash register, showcases, promotion, utilitarian pieces, storage, among others.

We created an “Advertising Circuit” in the interior perimeter of the stores to market it with leading brands, as a part of the strategy for the investment return.

We standardized client assistance on 2 sales models: experience in multifunctional and non-multifunctional sales, to expedite the purchase process for the client.

We were able to design a store where an impressive exterior and interior image are combined, with the optimization of the sales process that attracts the client and provides him with an emotionally gratifying and harmonic purchase experience, maintaining a mental positive association with the Movistar brand.

Project Details

  • Architectural Project
  • Design of Furnishings and Engineering constructive detail