Torre Los Ruices

Brand & Architecture

How to integrate Art and Architecture
in an effective manner


Austral real estate Group together with the architect Carlos Agell, invited us to design the facade of Torre Los Ruices, located in Caracas, Venezuela.

Integrate Arte and Architectural Design through a monumental opt kinetic work of the artist Rodrigo Machado, highlighting the innovative presence of Torre Los Ruices in one of the most active areas in the city of Caracas.

Due to the tower’s characteristics of momentum and contemporaneity of the artist Rodrigo Machado, after an analysis of the architectural project, we created a piece of large dimensions that encompasses all the faces of the tower, throughout its fives parking stories. This work is conceived to be carried out with alucobond panels that have the peculiarity of being able to pivot with the wind, giving the building the impression of being in constant movement.

Project Details

  • Integration of the work of art of great dimensions to the architecture of the tower.