Acumuladores Duncan

Brand & Architecture

How to make the presentation
and sales process in a vehicle workshop
more professional


The main objective was to design and document the architectural planning, merchandising and signage for three (3) formats for DUNCAN Servicentros (in Shopping Malls), Independent, and for those which share space with the Distributor.

A model Duncan Servicentro was designed with: exterior image, internal spaces, and optimization of its purchase-sale processes, planning in detail the process from the moment a person or vehicle arrives at Duncan Servicentro, until he leaves.

A communications and signage system was created, both in the exterior on the facade, totem and approximation signs, as well as internally with an optimal distribution of the elements and spaces, within a perimeter area enhanced with the corporate colors.

An optimal space distribution was achieved in which were designed and integrated the personnel areas with equipment, furnishings, showcases, finishes, illumination, besides the marketing communications for DUNCAN Sales Points, focused on generating a gratifying experience, and a more comprehensive identification with the brand.

Project Details

  • Architectural System, Merchandising, and Signage
  • Design of its new Duncan Servicentros
  • Optimization of processes
  • Architecture and Merchandising Manuals