Banco de Venezuela

Retail Banking

How to implement and unify
the successful image of a financial brand,
after a merger?


On December 2001, Banco de Venezuela / Grupo Santander required the services of Image & Retail solutions in order to create the Brand Identity Manual for the fusion Project with Banco Caracas. This manual begins with the client providing the international logo and the text fonts chosen by Grupo Santander. I&RS had to create the rest of the applications, such as defining an architecture for the brand.

This Manual had to be developed within a time lapse of 60 days so the Bank could carry out the new contracts with its providers of products, forms and advertising agencies that would take part in the launching.


  • Warrant a graphic identity that promotes a unique and defined personality for its products, services and allied companies.
  • Facilitate graphic uniformity and coordination for a better acknowledgement and identification of its agencies, products and services, in the long run.

Positioning of the bank was made at the basic point for determining the families of products and services: “global” identifies “key” products, and “key” means services unity.

Details of the Project

  • Logo application
  • Products Design
  • Creation of Brand Architecture
  • Exterior Identification and Signage
  • Corporate Identity Manual