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Banco de Venezuela

Since 1992 we’ve developed different projects for the creation and installment of the Merchandising System of Citibank agencies; we have also focused on maintaining the existing Corporate Identity.


Citibank contacted us for the design and development of the Merchandising System of its Model Agency that had to be the guideline for the rest of its agencies in Venezuela.

Our team of consultants and creative designers was in charge of designing the Merchandising prototypes for the Citibank Model Agency. Following our process of analysis of areas of circulation spaces, these spaces were divided into areas of Assistance, Interest, Need and Action.

According to this strategy were developed the Merchandising and Communication elements of high visual impact were placed for the showcases, waiting rooms, sales offices and cashiers. Later, following this model, we developed other agencies.

Citibank invites us to design the Project for Launching Citigold

Citigold Miranda Agency
Following the guidelines established by Citibank regarding the planning of the spaces, furnishing, illuminations, and finishes, our creative team designed and developed a Merchandising System and Marketing Communications, which goal was centered on the transmission of the values of “Confidentiality”, “Safety” and “International” projection.

Agency / Corporate Headquarters in Venezuela
Citibank relocated to the office building located at the Centro Comercial El Recreo. I&RS was chosen for designing and developing the Merchandising and Signage Systems for this completely new agency. Architects, Art Directors, Creatives designers and Project Managers made it possible in record time; likewise they produced the Signage design of the different areas of the corporate headquarters.

Project Details

  • Signage
  • Merchandising System
  • Furnishings
  • Multimedia