Banco Mercantil

Retail Banking

Creativity, design and visual impact
will highlight your brand,
products and services

1992 – Pioneers in Retail Banking

I&RS and the American company Retail Planning Associates (RPA) were the consulting firms selected for designing and developing a Merchandising and Signage Systems that would allow Banco Mercantil to reinforce its corporate image and introduce its new products and financial services in the market. At that time, universal banking didn’t exist; the products were offered by different companies of the organization. (…) solution (…) categories: Savings, Checkbooks, Investments, Credits, Cards. Their advantages and benefits were publicized, unified graphically by Corporate Identity of Banco Mercantil.

2002 – Merchandising Management

Banco Mercantil requested from I&RS the design of Merchandising elements for its agencies, as well as the Merchandising Management in order to carry out all the strategic planning, and install the new Merchandising System in over 320 agencies, nationwide.

Project Details

  • Retail Banking
  • Merchandising and Signage Systems
  • Grouping products by categories
  • Corporate Identity
  • Design of Graphic elements for Showcases
  • Merchandising Management