Banco Exterior

Retail Banking

What is Retail Banking
and how did Strategic Branding
develop successfully
in the banking sector?


Retail Banking, also known as consumer banking, refers to the offer of bank services to the general public instead of companies, corporations or other banks, usually called wholesale banking. Banco Exterior, which belongs to this sector, and which after many years positioned as one of the most traditional and solid banks in Venezuela, felt the need to upgrade its graphic and corporate identity in order to add an aggregate value to the brand, vis-à-vis an increasingly demanding and competitive financial market. They then decide to seek the services of Image & Retail Solutions, based on our solid experience in Retail Banking.

Logo/Emblem redesign as the motivating motor in the successful renovating process such as this one, which included all the products and services of its banking network.

The Image & Retail Solutions team began this project with the research and understanding of the perceptions and expectations of clients and employees, regarding the financial services of Banco Exterior. We evaluated both the brand personality, as well as its strengths and weaknesses in order to identify which aspects should be reinforced, modified or minimized.

Based on the collected information, the New Values and Attributes, the strategic design process of the brand began. The positioning declaration was established and the new logo/emblem was designed, as well as the voice and architecture of the brand, besides the key messages and slogans.

In order to evaluate and determine the proposals for logo/emblem, positioning and slogans with all the clients, the Focus Group technique was used. Once the logo/emblem was chosen, the external identification of the Agencies network and its electronic services was developed. The merchandising fittings and products communication in the present or renovated agencies were designed, as well as the signage for identifying the location of the services, according to the new Architectural Project. The documents or brand manuals, merchandising and signage, offer a “Visual Dictionary” containing the parameters of use of the Corporate Identity of the Bank and its brands, ensuring the graphic continuity and uniformity in the entire financial organization.

Project Details

  • Upgrading logo/emblem
  • Corporate Identity
  • Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Communications
  • Exterior Signage
  • Merchandising System