How to develop a sense of belonging
and cohesion with the brand
among clients and workers,
using Cultural Branding


CPVEN is a multinational company, leader in Services to Oil and Gas Wells, active in Exploration and Production in Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Kuwait, Peru, Venezuela, and in a process of expansion towards other countries in America and the Middle East.

The growth and international projection of this company with more than 35 years in the oil industry required a higher level of competitiveness in its graphic and corporate identity. Likewise, as a result of the incorporation to CPVEN Holding of professionals from different countries, it was essential to develop Cultural Alignment.

Redesign brand and applications in all its points of contact. Brand Homologation in every country where CPVEN is present. Develop Cultural Alignment.

Image &Retail Solutions redesigned and boosted the brand, aligning it with organizational values, such as design of graphic applications. Through a strategic alliance with a Spanish company specialized in Cultural Alignment, the situation in each one of the following countries was diagnosed: Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Peru, Kuwait and Venezuela, both in offices located in urban areas, as in the oil basis, located in areas difficult to access.

 “CPVEN Cultural Alignment Program” forming Brand ambassadors in each one of the countries where CPVEN is present, integrating shared values with a committed leadership.

The result was an optimal integration of all the Branding elements, thus providing CPVEN with more differentiation and international competitiveness as a brand, while developing the necessary sense of belonging in the new workers coming from other companies acquired by CPVEN. Through “CPVEN Cultural Alignment Program” it was possible to make the Organization work in a more efficient, coherent manner, consistent with unique work principles, shared among all headquarters.

Project Details

  • Brand Manual
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Design of Web page
  • Design of graphic elements for its corporate headquarters