Los Aviadores


How to design signage for Shopping Malls
and large architectural projects


Marketing Management of the Parque Los Aviadores invited us to join the project of the biggest shopping mall in Venezuela, located in the central region of the country, in the city of Maracay. Its one-story architectural design took on the shape of an airplane, with its big wings and a central body in the form of fuselage extending from the entrance, to the fair; a wide, comfortable 4,000 sq. Meter space with a Fair, sufficient for sitting 2,500 diners.

Address the project with all Image & Retail Solutions units working at the same time, then integrate the brand applications of the brand regarding the aviation concept: Project Management, Architectural Unit, Graphic Design, Creative Writing.

We developed corporate aspects of Parque Comercial; Vision, Mission, Attributes, Values, Positioning, Voice and Brand Architecture. We deigned the graphic identity of its applications, exterior identity, totem, approximation signs, identification of access roads, and parking lots signage. We created and designed a signage system to facilitate the tour through the commercial passageways, plazas service and restricted areas, prevention, safety and risk signs. We designed the advertising communications and seasonal circuits; selection of spaces, dimensions and value of the circuit to be marketed. We developed: the Sales Kit, visitors kit; locatorio manual; foldable promotion brochure; Corporate Identity Manual; a visual dictionary for the adequate use of the graphic and corporate identity of the company, its brands and products.

Project Details

  • Logo/Emblem Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Signage
  • Communications
  • Brand Manual