How to redesign your brand
and the interior architecture
of a chain of Liquor Stores
to make them more competitive
in the Miami market


Mega & Wine Spirits is a brand acquired by a group of entrepreneurs who felt the need to adapt it to the competitive market of liquor stores in South Florida, and thus needed a total renovation.

Redesign of logo/emblem according to the strategy of optimizing the purchase experience, thus elevating the levels of satisfaction of the clients.

Redesign logo/emblem, providing it with a creative, original personality through the silhouette of an inclined bottle, which visually allows the unequivocal recognitions of the brand and its stores in the category of liquor.

The integration of the logo and the symbol facilitated the total change of the store facades, making them more attractive and contemporary, thus attracting the consumer public.

Additionally, an integral design work of the interior was carried out inviting the client to buy its wines, distillates and other spirits, improving the purchase experience. All of this aligned with the corporate identity.

Project Details

  • Branding Project
  • Logo and Applications Redesign
  • Positioning
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Visual Merchandising