How to design the brand and
Signage of a Shopping Mall



LIDER is a new generation commercial shopping mall located at Av. Francisco de Miranda, the most important roadway in the city of Caracas (Venezuela), which design was carried out by David Gabay, well known for having also designed Centro Comercial Sambil.

By means of an initial assessment of the project, we detected the necessary elements for developing the most adequate design of the logo/emblem that would transmit the personality with which the brand wanted to be recognized. This became the starting point for many of the elements of corporate communications, development of the brand, and the signage of the shopping center.

The logo, merchandising system, was developed as well as the organizational communications, promotional and advertising pieces, and the Public Relations plan, and “The Fashion Floor”, possibly the largest display case to advertise the talent of Venezuelan fashion designers, with stores located at both sides of a wide hallway; Image & Retail Solutions acted as support for this launching.

Project Details

  • Branding Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Design of Logo/Emblem
  • Exterior Sign design
  • Totem Design
  • Analysis of Circulation
  • Design of Exterior and Interior Signage
  • Exterior and Interior Publicity Circuit
  • Brand Manual
  • Merchandising and Signage Manual
  • Advertising Space Kit