How to make your brand more competitive,
as an essential part
of the expansion to new markets


KRS is a line of Lubricants and Specialties, with plants throughout Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, owned by the private company, Productos Quimicos LMV, founded in 1984, as an initiative for solving Chassis/Car Body parts.

Additives come from the most important companies in the world: Lubrizol, Chemical Afton, Chevron Onorite. KRS resorts to IRS in order to make its brand more competitive and consolidate expansion plans in the Caribbean market even more.

We carry out a series of surveys both with the managers and the main clients in order to obtain up-to-date information of their needs, and of the realistic expectations regarding the brand, products and services. This information allowed us to develop a project from the organization of its products portfolio through Architecture as a tool of the Brand, to its redesign, labels, and positioning, for both Venezuelan and Dominican Republic markets.

Project Details

  • Brand Architecture
  • Logo upgrading
  • Application of Logo on Labels
  • Merchandising System
  • Web