Orinokia Mall


How to use signage
to show your identity in Shopping Malls,
Buildings, and Large Works
with a heightened sense
of Orientation and Design


In 2004, Venezuelan Project Managers, Grupo PMA, a Venezuelan engineering and architecture firm relied on us for developing the Orinokia Mall Branding, a shopping mall conceptualized and designed to be the most innovative venue for entertainment, fun and shopping in the south east region of Venezuela.

The client, Grupo Santo Tomé, one of the most important in the area of supermarkets in the state of Bolivar, Venezuela, needed to develop the brand, its applications and communications of launching the mall on October 2005.

The development of the Integral Branding project, from the design of the graphic identity design (logo and emblem), signage and its application throughout the shopping mall.

We carried out interviews for an analysis of the project information brief. From the data gathered the process of Organizational Communication was begun in order to: define Name of the Mall, Mission, Vision, Values and Attributes of the brand.

The study of the project of Architecture and the definition of its organizational communications constituted the basis for the development of the Corporate Identity of Orinokia Mall.

The project included the development of applications of Exterior Signage, Parking Place, Access and Totem. Likewise, interior signage, Identification of Communications Circuit of the Season and the development of 5,000 meters of space for advertising rental.

Furthermore, the development and launching of the brand implied the organization and execution of a plan for Public Relations and advertising in mass media.

Project Details

  • Branding Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Logo/Emblem Design
  • Exterior Sign Design
  • Totem Design
  • Circulation Analysis
  • Interior and Exterior Signage Design
  • Exterior and Interior Advertising Circuit
  • Brand Manual
  • Merchandising and Signage Manual
  • Advertising Spaces Kit